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Randy Galliano Liscenced and Insured Handy Man Extraordinaire

About Randy

Over 15 years of professional service working on projects that range from large building systems to home repair.  I am always courteous, on time and willing to explain my process.  There no job too big or too small for me to take on.  I am a father of two lovely daughters and my wife Julie keeps me in line.  Remember my motto, "Here to make a livin', Not a killin'!" I look forward to hearing from you!

Need Service Now?
(504) 382-8839
Liscenced and Insured
A / C, Heating, Refridgeration, 
Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers,
Refridgerators, Ice Machines,
Flooring, and a whole lot more
Here to make a livin’ not a killin’